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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cover of Succubus competition - RESULTS

Wow! What a ride!!! I never anticipated the overwhelming response to the Cover of Succubus competition that I received. In fact, there were three new entries on the very last day of the competition! I must admit that every single person who entered was absolutely fantastic and all are winners in my eyes. It’s a pity that only three could make it through to the next round.

Four very close friends and I will debate and decide on a final winner next week and first place and the two runner ups will be announced on Monday, the 24th of September.

Herewith the TOP 3:
Cheraldine = 1061 Votes
Liani = 1026 Votes
Leani = 777 Votes

We received a few requests and suggestions for altering the rules and allowing newcomers to stand a better chance of winning, but after much deliberation and weighing all the PROs with the CONs, we decided to rather leave the rules as-is. This will unfortunately not please everyone, but we have to be fair and stick to our guns. I trust that everyone will understand.

The rest:
Celia = 111 Votes
Clarisse = 26 Votes
Anel = 82 Votes
Bianca = 19 Votes
Erika = 32 Votes
Tiffany = 12 Votes
Roxzann = 28 Votes
Melissa = 149 Votes
Monique-Cherie = 137 Votes
Adele = 11 Votes
Shanonlea = 44 Votes
Samantha = 24 Votes
Leora = 45 Votes
Letitia = 115 Votes
Storm = 26 Votes
Mary = 495 Votes
Wendy = 50 Votes
Done = 54 Votes
Monja = 168 Votes
Nicole = 97 Votes
Michelle = 77 Votes
Mini = 410 Votes
Mini = 423 Votes
Benita = 97 Votes
Kelly = 42 Votes
Beverly = 38 Votes
Senga = 29 Votes
Ashley = 40 Votes

This competition was a huge success in my eyes and I would like to thank everyone who participated and also those who voted for the contestants.


PS: I have a new author website coming soon… keep your eyes peeled!

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